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About Us!

Hi everyone! 
Thank you for finding your way onto TM Spice Co we cannot wait to share our passion with you. 

 We are a family of gatherers who enjoys getting everyone to gather and have fun. On any night you can find us hanging out having debates, playing games and finding anything to laugh about.  Food has a way of bringing people together, and creating memories to hold on too. As a family of Ukrainians this could not be more true, some of my favorite memories came from standing in the kitchen while a meal is getting made surrounded by friends and family. 

Here at TM Spice Co. we are looking forward to getting to be apart of your life as you create memories surrounding good food! 


Who is TM Spice Co anyways? 

Meet Terry, our fantastic founder of TM Spice Co! 


My name is Jessy and I am the granddaughter of Terry our founder, I am also the creative face you see behind the website! I am a full time paramedic and emergency services holds a special spot in my heart. I am currently on maternity leave after my boyfriend and I welcomed our beautiful son Jaxon late May 2022. In addition to Jaxon we have a 2.5 year old named Reilly, who is what we have dubbed the tornado. She is a smiling, giggling ball of energy and we love her to pieces. We also have two furchildren named Murphy and Molly, they are the best dogs and make our family whole. If my hands are not full with work, my daughter, my son or my dogs you will find me in the kitchen! I am obsessed with the food network and love trying new things. After many years of sitting in the garage filling spices, I am so humbled to see this business become everything and more. I cannot wait to bring TM Spice to you!


My name is Korinna and I am the daughter of Terry our founder. I spent almost my whole life around my dad's popular TM Spice the Original. Folks would say "Terry you really need to share TM with the masses" and dad would always say "Its a great hobby maybe one day." Time however just marches on and my dad unfortunately passed last year on Oct 2023 just prior to his 87th birthday. We are all so grateful that he handed us the reins a few years prior and that he was alive to see the brand new TM SPICE  -  a legacy in the making! So along with my husband Brian and family we are making his dream and our dream come true. Growing up in a small town Whitecourt taught me community. Travelling extensively and raising a family taught me the world has so much to offer. Having a bookkeeping company and electrical company with my husband lets me know we can do this. Creating a legacy is so much work, but we are excited to hopefully bring a new sensation to your food experience. From our home to yours.. enjoy!


My name is Dylan and I am the grandson of Terry our founder. This year has been quite a year for everyone, but there is always a silver lining. I completed my degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and was lucky enough to find a full time job in my field. I am currently working with Corrosion Service Canada Limited; it has been going great so far and I am looking forward to seeing what is ahead for me. This wonderful girl in the photo is my fiance Emilee who has been a great support and addition to my life. For as long as I can remember I spent my days inside my grandfathers garage filling spices. I am so lucky to be able to take his aspirations and make it everything he wanted it to be. I truly believe that this spice something people have never tasted before, and will not be able to get enough!  

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