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Where it all begin, the one that started it all for TM Spice Co. This spice needs no introduction...

Where it all begin, the one that started it all for TM Spice Co. This spice needs no introduction but if you are new here let me give you the rundown. 

This is our multipurpose spice where you will find robust flavours of garlic mingled with onion and dehydrated vegetables. Originally used on steaks, this spice has began to evolve. It has a course and grainy texture, and there is not a situation that this spice is not the perfect option. Any type of protein, eggs and popcorn are some of our personal favourites! 

Use it for: Beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, vegetables, dips, rubs, and anything else your heart desires! 

Customer Reviews

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Sheryl Greig

We’ve used your Original on a roast and on chicken - it’s so delicious! It enhances the flavour, no matter what you use it for!

Leona Michael
TM Spice Original Blend

LOVE IT!! Goes well with pretty much everything - a pantry staple.



Andrea S

Think we're addicted to the original and dust flavors!

Bart Edwards

Your products have to much salt in them. I didn’t realize they were high in sodium. Plus my name is not Bart.

We are very sorry you found our spices too salty . We do list for each of our products a nutritional breakdown for review on our website. Sodium levels are listed there. TM Spices are easily within industry standard when it comes to salt content. In saying that we have been planning for future consideration the possibility of a no salt version to help support those like yourselves with dietary or select choice preferences. Thank you for the feedback.

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