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Are you looking to give your meal that extra little bit of punch? If you answered yes then Blaze ...

Are you looking to give your meal that extra little bit of punch? If you answered yes then Blaze is exactly what you are looking for!  

This spice is the tantalizing combination of our original blend with the addition of lime and cayenne pepper. After many trials we have stumbled upon the perfect amount of heat to be a great addition to your meal. Want to ramp up the spice, add a little extra.. want to ramp it down only add a little. Blaze is the fire you did not know you were missing.

Use it for: Chicken wings, chili, jambalaya, beef, chicken, pork, pizza, Caesars, seafood and anything else your heart desires! 


Customer Reviews

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Darcy LaCroix

Love this spice blend.
Order was shipped promptly.


Bought for my spice loving bestie and she’s so excited to use it

Eugene Jacob
From sample to savour.

A beautifully crafted spice that kicks with a savoury punch. I saw a sample of (select*) spices in "The Makers Keep" located at Kingsway Mall. I chose the blaze spice, tried it on my eggs and steak and goodness me, why am I even buying spices at a grocery store?! As true to its word, it's tantalising and is capable of "anything your heart desires!" The lime can be tasted, the cayenne is not overpowering and the herbs enhance the main components. For hardcore chefs, get the large one (no doubt!) It's definitely worth a shot even if it's a small or medium one. The spice makes up for a versatile option if you're not looking to combine a ton of different sources (ie. pepper, salt, cilantro, some weird process for a broth, etc.) because who really has that time when you're a college student (that's me haha) or a very busy business person. If I had to give my food a bit of that gourmet feel, while also in my home, I certainly think this is one of my go-to for those starting their culinary career or simply to enjoy the flavour with family and friends.

*There were six select spices, which I believe at the time when I arrived there did not contain either the charred or sassy spice (not guaranteed.)

Cody Mcconnell
great xmas gift

got these for bro for xmas he was realy impressed with them.

Leona Michael
TM Spice - Blaze

Love this mix!! Has the perfect amount of heat and the hint of lime is so delicious. My 2nd bottle and will be a staple in my spice collection!

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