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You asked and we answered, arriving on the main stage with sharpness and extra heat we introduce...

You asked and we answered, arriving on the main stage with sharpness and extra heat we introduce to you Charred!

This spice has the rich undertones of cajun and creole plus our unique family recipe bringing the perfect twist to blackening seasoning. Blackening is most commonly used with proteins and veggies, slathered in butter, coated in spice and seared on a hot pan or grill. Let TM Charred be front and center at your next meal!

Use it for: chicken, pork, beef, seafood, crab boil, veggies, rice/ jambalaya and more   


Customer Reviews

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Spring O’Brien
Spice Order

Love these spices. The original is my favourite and decided to order the big bag so I do not run out

Angie Glavin
Great spices, love them!

Have ordered these for a few years now, really like them. Excited to try the new ones.

Melanie H
Adds a great kick to a dish without being overpowering

Charred is one of my favorite. It adds great flavor and enhances anything I add it to without being too overpowering or spicy.

Charred Champion

I totally love my new fresh spice. My chicken came out so tasty. So much better than the grocery store spices. A thought on bottle design ... not all the large pieces in the spice mix will come out of the shaker so a spoon should be used. I would also like to see all the usage suggestions on either a card included in the package or printed on the bottle, Preferably a separate card as the print on the bottle is too small for these old eyes.

Albert Lemire
My new favourite

My favourite of the bunch. So good on steaks.

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